Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another great find in the Blog O' Sphere!

I saw a link on DG to another wonderful blog today and spent about an hour looking at the most recent posts. I am looking forward to reading this blogs archives as time allows. I added a link to it in my Points of Interest section.

Written by a gardener, it of course appeals to me. But it is not just gardening that makes me like this blog. I also enjoyed the writers sharing of ideas. So if you have a desire to read an interesting and well written blog please be sure to visit Kylee in NW Ohio. Then, if you still want to explore check out her as well!


Kylee said...

Zanymuse, how sweet of you!! And now I need to check yours out! LOL.

What the Garden Tours Are Us is right now is a reprint of those places my mom and I have visited. I plan to do write-ups of the tours we did before I started blogging and add those. The big one is Winterthur and Garden Fair, which we attended in September 2006. That was fabulous and I'd LOVE to go to that again.

Thank you once again for your nice words!

GW said...

Hey, Brenda - I know you're busy looking for a new home, but post when you can. I miss your posts! :)