Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Freedom of religion

In many areas freedoms such as we in the USA enjoy are unknown. We are still free to voice our opinions on matters of politics, to worship or not as we are so inclined. To move about our lives and pursue happiness, apply ourselves and seek riches or to run for office. And by law, all citizens are entitled to these freedoms. Or are we?

Every day we experience prejudices. We are told that we must not speak out in government meetings or schools if we are going to discuss our religions. That it is immoral of us to take a stand against anything or any teaching that is based on our religious beliefs.

An atheist is not told to be quiet when he stands up anywhere to say there is no God, that Christians are all hypocrites, or that we need laws to prevent Christians from voicing our faith in public schools. They ban prayers, call us fools for believing, sue us for any demonstration of faith to which they or their children may be exposed. It is ok for them to use foul language, mock our God, and flaunt their "lifestyles" to us and insist the schools teach that their ways are to be accepted to our young while we are not allowed to even say the name God out of fear that their child may hear it!

I believe it is time to insist on freedom for Christians! To demand that we and our beliefs be afforded respect and the freedoms guaranteed to us by the constitution. We can no more leave our beliefs out of our politics than an athiest can leave their anti God sentiments out of their thinking.

I firmly believe in freedom. I believe in an Atheists right to deny god. After all, who am I to even attempt to deny anyone a right that was given them by the very God they are denying? God gave man freedom of choice.

I will continue to support your right to not believe. I will support your right to reject God. And all I ask in return is that you support my right to Believe and to speak as freely of my beliefs as you do of your non belief.

I will not be personally offended if you say there is no god...please stop being offended when I state that there is!

Please do not try to remove my freedom to discuss my faith. Please understand that your discussions pointing at Christians as hypocrites and or fools is offensive to me and statements that there is no God, or about the "evils of organized religions" is still a discussion of religion even if you are arguing against it instead of for it. Your rights do not extend to the right to usurp my rights. Your rights to disbelief are not more important than mineto belief.

Keep one thing in mind. If my beliefs are correct then by telling someone about them I may play a part in their being saved from an eternity in Hell. And if your belief is correct, we are nothing after death and it really won't matter to anyone.