Friday, February 2, 2007

Go ahead and play with your food

Playing with your food could be a good career move if you want to earn a chair in this orchestra... Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Be sure to listen to some of their audio clips. Some of it sounds like jungle noises and some actually has a melody.

Their concerts would be a vegetarian dates delight since they serve the audience fresh vegetable soup at the end.

You can't beet some of the things that sprout up on the Internet and I yam nuts about anything that will lettuce enjoy cucumbers without getting pickled. So where have these folks bean hiding!

What was it?

Last night Pyxle presented me with a very sticky mystery. She was covered from head to toe with a sticky mess. It felt like syrup but had no odor.

I searched the house and yard trying to discover the source of this mess but came up empty. There was no sign of it anywhere but on her. So I had to write it off as one of life's little mysteries and proceed with the job of bathing the pooch.
This is no small chore because she really hates baths. By the time I got the goop out of her fur we were both all wet and the water on the bathroom floor was so deep I had to use the shop vac to get it up. Then came the rub downs with the towel as she sped through the house trying to avoid me and dry herself off on the sofa, chair, draperies and bedspread.
Once she was dry it was brushing out time. She rolls onto her back at the first sign of the brush and loves having her belly brushed....but she must be turned over and held down to brush anything else. With her under coat matted from the bath this process took an exhausting 2 hours. But she sure is pretty and clean and soft after all this and I had no problems getting to sleep!