Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring has sprung a leak!

Spring arrived with several weeks of sunny days and cool evenings. It was grand to see the trees bursting out in bloom and the daffodills popping up everywhere. The fields began to bloom with lupine and poppies and people began to thaw out too. Then the "spring rains" came. The wind blew cold and the skies began to deluge us once again. The snow returned to the mountains as if to taunt us that winter still has us in it's grasp. The weather reports show one wet front after another heading our way and even though the sun came out this morning the ground is so soggy that garden work is not possible.

I'll take Pyxle out to the soggy park to chase her ball and she will enjoy getting muddy even if she won't like the brushing out after she dries off. But it has to be....we must take advantage of these little breaks in the rain when they present themselves....and look forward to the coming of summer when the sun gets warm enough to drive us into the shade.