Saturday, June 30, 2007

That's ok, I don't see her either...

While sitting in the park I saw a small female woodpecker land on the bark of this tree. I saw her climb up a few feet and then she vanished. Upon investigation I realized that this is the only place she could have gone. It is only about 10-12 feet off the ground.

I suspect there is a nest hidden here and will watch it for signs of life over the next few weeks. I do not want to frighten or harrass her so I settled for a picture of the entry and did not climb up to look inside.
What struck me funny is that this is not really a hole in the tree at all. it is actually two trees that have grown together at the base and this is the Y where they split apart, A piece of bark fell and wedged there and needles built up around it creating what appears to be a snug and dry hollow that goes back between the two trees for about 3-4 feet and is closed off on the other end with more bark and needles.
So what do you think? Will I ever see her again? Or was this just an exploration and she will actually nest elsewhere?

Watch the sky

I have been having a lot of fun taking pictures of the clouds lately. They are everchanging, have many different formations and make for some beautiful sunsets.

The sun setting turns them into a rapidly changing and colorful show.