Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Savings time

I was sitting back trying to relax and watch a bit of TV. But it was not very relaxing since I would check out the listings and click on the channel only to find that the show I wanted was not on. So, I surfed around a little and shut it off. Several hours later I repeated this and again found what was listed was not what was on...that is when I noticed that the little time readout on my task bar said it was an hour earlier than all my clocks...hmmm...the daylight savings finally dawns...the guide is clocks are an hour off...I'm sure glad I noticed it before I missed the season ending of Army Wives or went to bed and was an hour late for work tomorrow. I sure wish they would just move the clocks once and leave them there...maybe split the difference and go a half hour difference and leave it alone.

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GW said...

Daylight savings is a pain. It takes our dogs a good two or three weeks before they stop heckling us for their nighty bities an hour early or even earlier. They spy the setting sun and wheels on their internal clocks start turning, the tummy juices start churning, and we don't get a moment's peace until there's food in their bellies. We're so glad when they adjust! At least they don't wake us for their morning routine; they're lazy and wait for Howie to get up first. LOL