Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Next project

The next area to be tackled is the back yard. It is overgrown grass with some thistles, brambles and weeds. For a bonus they also left a lot of trash which we have already removed.

I would like to avoid killing the grass by cutting it in stages. This past weekend I used the weedwacker to take it down about a third and removed the large thistles and brambles. I hope to mow it this coming weekend with the highest setting on the lawn mower... if we can get it running. After sitting in storage for 5 years it will start but quits after a couple seconds.

Pyxle is enjoying the space and is settling into a new routine now. She likes taking a toy up to the top of the steps and dropping it over the edge. She runs down to get it and repeats until she is panting and then lays in the grass with it for a while. It keeps her busy and gives her excercise besides her daily trip to the local park.


GW said...

That's the sign of an intelligent dog, making up games like that. But we knew Pixyl is a smart cookie. My friends have all heard about how she wanted to herd things back into your apartment when you were moving.

Zanymuse said...

She has accepted this as home now but gets upset when I take anything out the door...like the trash. Poor thing must think we are moving again every time I take a bag out. But she did discover that there are dogs on the other side of the fence here, just like at the apartment, who will bark as long as she jumps at the fence now and then to keep them going. Then she sits back looking smug as their owners go nuts trying to quiet them and keep saying how quiet my dog is and how she hardly barks at all. **GRIN** Think I ought to tell them she is teasing their dogs? NAW...they'll catch on eventually ;~)