Sunday, June 17, 2007

This and that

Today is Father's day and later I will have the privilege of wishing my Father a Happy Father's Day. Each year that I am able to do so is a gift. Dad had some very serious heart surgery a few years ago and the mortality of man suddenly became evident to me. Not just his but that of all those I cherish.

I have been taking the camera out with me everywhere I go. Pyxle has quit paying any attention to it so getting her picture is getting easier and easier. Last week end we took a drive up to Ladybird Johnson park and I was really looking forward to giving the camera a work out. But it was so wet and drizzly that we ended up just turning around and coming home.

But here are a couple shots shot of Pyxle taken Friday at the river below the local park where we visit her puppy friends almost every day. She isn't a swimmer but she loves wading on the edge of the river and thinks it is the worlds best water bowl.


stacy said...

Dr. John made you his link of the day, recommending we take a look at your photos. Pyxle is a cutie and the scenery is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Ruth said...

beautiful dog, I am such a dog lover, I think I'd rather be around them then people sometimes..

Enjoying your blog