Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dogs and tomatoes?

When I left for work today I had 4 tomatoes on the vine sitting on the kitchen counter. When I got home I had no tomatoes and a vine laying on the floor. Could a dog have eaten 4 whole tomatoes? Will they hurt her? She seems fine at the moment but either she ate them or she had company while I was at work.

I guess I won't be having stuffed tomatoes for lunch tomorrow and that I need to keep the tomatoes in a safer location.


Justin said...

Dogs love tomatoes, Maggie simply loves tomatoes..But 4 tomatoes at one go is a bit too muhc to handle... That is what I feel

Zanymuse said...

Thanks for the input Justin. She seems to be fine although it did seem to irritate her tushy a bit from the acid and had her scooting yesterday morning. Today all is normal though and it sure didn't slow her down any. I caught her trying to push a chair toward the counter last night and watched as she jumbed up on it to try to see if there were any other goodies to get into! So at least now I know how she got them.

Gardenwife said...

I know some folks have posted about their dogs raiding their tomatoes right off the vines outside. If she's doing well today, I'd chalk it up to experience and nail the chairs to the floor. ;)